Astrology can guide you to success in everyday life

Our life is a fine mixer of will power and other forces simply beyond the grasp of the human mind. The cosmic energy influences every movement of our lives. The effects can be either beneficial or unprofitable. Astrology can give you a broader view of life and help you to tap this infinitely great energy to your benefits or in simple terms for the betterment of your life. We are one of the best astrological institutions which effectively combines the knowledge and strength of top experts in field. At the helm is Mr. Jayatissa dharmadasa, a highly qualified astrologer with local and foreign academic background hailing from a family, whose roots were steeped in astrology and Ayurvedha. Mr. Jayatissa can count over 30yrs. in the field. He is backed by a highly qualified staff with excellent knowledge on the subject. We make use of both the eastern and western astrological method to perfection. Our clients are both local and global. They are more than just impressed with the accuracy of our prediction and they continue to be our satisfied customers for years and years.

What can we do for you?

We can provide you with proper guidance and accurate analysis for the following problems or any other problems that you are up against in life. These services are rendered on the basis of Hindu Vedic astrology.

Preparation of birth charts: - Horoscopes which are according to the time and date of birth with predictions for future progress.

In the absence of exact time and date of birth of the birth chart: - Horoscope will be prepared on the basis of horary system of astrology for purposes of solving the native's or customer's problems. If one does not have the exact time and date of birth, he or she has to give us a number between (1) one & (249) two hundred & forty-nine. In this case a special payment of US$ 29 or equivalent will have to be remitted.

Auspicious times: - For all important special occasions such as weddings, house warming ceremonies, feeding first meals to children, teaching the alphabet to children etc.

Marriage: -
In order to help and assist those unmarried and those whose marriages have been delayed we maintain in our office a waiting list of prospective brides and bridegrooms and when it necessitates we obtain the necessary particulars and match the horoscopes of the couple astrologically and analytically.
In cases of misfortunes in life of course there are various methods to control the calamities.

Marriage Proposals

These were recommended by our ancient rishis of verdict times. This astrological bureau deals with gem therapy, preparation of talismans, amulets, poojas and offering oblations to Hindu gods and goddesses with meditation and prayers to invoke blessings on the native in case of childlessness, prolonged illness etc. Especial guidance will be given on personal consultation.

In addition you may consult us on the following important issues.
• Whether you will fair well or fail in business
• Shortcomings in your existing business
• The reasons for your failures
• What will bring you success?
• When you will start building your own home?
• When you will get married?
• Why your marriage failed?
• When you will be blessed with a child?
• Whether there are any wind-falls or setbacks in life
• Whether your present love affair will be successful
• For comparison of charts
• Reading of birth charts
• Finding a suitable partner
• Love affairs & alternatives, etc.